Every item you order from Gypsy Stars RVA is handcrafted and packed by an artist with autism in RVA. Thanks to your support, we are living our dreams. 


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Gypsy Stars RVA was formed to provide a safe environment in which autistic adults and other disabilities are given the education, means, and support to both discover and develop their own style of creativity and find a productive place in our society.

Gypsy Stars RVA celebrates and encourages adults on the spectrum to both discover and embrace their unique creative abilities which, in turn, builds a sense self-worth, pride, and acceptance that few have experienced in their lives due to their autistic label. We believe that autism is misunderstood by the general public and we work toward educating the public through our art and accomplishments. Our organization provides a safe place to be creative and think “outside the box” as our artists develop self-esteem through community support, praise and sales of their own creations.

At Gypsy Stars RVA, our talented members are motivated to use their differences and vision to create varying styles of jewelry, handcrafted bows and gifts, and even unicorn headbands. Those who have not found their own creative ability or are lower functioning are taught to follow the designs made by others or join the craziness that comes when a huge order is placed and all members must scramble to help fellow artists make a deadline.

Gypsy Stars RVA is extremely proud to support the passion, style and excitement of our artists. With our profits and growing success, we will soon be adding additional classes aimed at disabled adults in an expanded attempt to bring joy and pride to others adults who have been forgotten or overlooked due to their disability. Gypsy Stars RVA uses a wide variety of materials including natural gemstones, geodes, agates, druzies, metal, ribbon, and unique materials found all over.

Some of our designs are familiar while still others are one of a kind creations. We continue to add to our material list in an effort to produce unique designs and encourage curiosity.

Our hair bows and headbands are crafted using ribbon and sometimes flowers, clips or headbands. We offer over 50 colors and countless styles of bows from large boutique bows to specialty bows and seasonal boutique bows.


Find Us At Our Studio In RVA

Everything is made locally in Richmond Virginia in our new studio. We have 6 full time artists who make everything in house from design to production to packaging and shipping . We offer jewelry and hair accessories on our ETSY and wholesale through our sales team. We also offer art classes for other disabled adults so they can join in on the fun. Contact us for wholesale options or class information at

Rachel Jenkins
Creative Director
Rachel Faye is proud to be Gypsy Star RVA’s Creative Director. She earned her BS at Mary Baldwin College and received her MACC from Mary Washington University. Rachel’s love of crafting came at an early age while helping her mother create and design clothing for both Rachel and her brother while developing a home grown quilting and wood-crafting business. Rachel is thrilled to combine her two loves, helping people and crafting at Gypsy Stars RVA through her position as Creative Director.  
Sadie R.
Internship Program

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Caleb Moser 
Head Assistant 

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Elizabeth Moser
Business Manager

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